Promoting equity for the Global South on the open Internet

We serve underserved communities around the world to take control of their digital rights and become decision-makers in the design, release and governance of technologies.


Earlier advances in technology have delivered uneven benefits, exacerbating gaps between developed and low- and- middle-income regions, often resulting in unintended harms. We believe societies can only benefit from technologies, particularly the Internet, if they are inclusive and accessible, and underpinned in democratic values of right to information, privacy and transparency.

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Artificial Intelligence

We promote responsible release and accountability for generative AI systems to ensure equitable co-creation and access.
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Content Governance

We work at the nexus of balancing freedom of expression and online safety to safeguard vulnerable groups in low- and- middle-income regions.
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Privacy and Data Protection

We advocate to protect privacy and individual rights to data in a digitally inclusive way while encouraging transparency.
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Tech in Civic Context

We evaluate and advise on public service technology applications based on human rights and ethics frameworks.


We collaborate with experts to investigate systems, review legislations, engage stakeholders and develop inclusive policy solutions to address the most pressing technological issues and concerns facing underserved communities.

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Reimagining ‘Tech Accountability’ in the Global Majority

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How Facebook Has Become a Political Battleground in Bangladesh

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Content Moderation in Under-Resourced Regions: A Case for Arabic and Hebrew

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Global AI Ethics: Incorporating a Non-Western Framework To Promote Safety and Mitigate Bias

online content regulation

Bangladesh: Legal and Policy Implications of the Proposed OTT, Digital and Social Media Regulations


Assessing Policy Gaps in Sharing Non-Sexual Images Online

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A Risk Assessment Framework for Content Governance during Elections

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Who we are

We are a team of trust & safety professionals, policy and legal experts, product managers, journalists and civil society activists who have spent numerous years working in either industry, government or a rights organization. We are governed by our Our Values that are grounded on values of transparency, honesty, fairness, inclusion and accountability.